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Can I get a refund with Google Pay?
Can I get a refund with Google Pay?

Request a refund within 14 days with Google Pay by providing transaction details and purchase info.

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Cryptohopper offers a 14-day refund policy, meaning you can request a refund within 14 days of your purchase. However, please note that some Marketplace purchases and credits may be exceptions to this policy. If you've paid using Google Pay, you're eligible to request a refund under the usual conditions.

What Information Do We Need for a Refund Request?

To process your refund request efficiently, we require the following details:

  • Your Username: This helps us identify your account and the purchase in question.

  • Transaction ID: Your transaction ID will look something like this: GPA.7683-3847-2872-0833. This is crucial for tracking your payment.

  • Email Address: The email address associated with your Google Pay account ensures we can verify the payment source.

  • Payment Amount: Knowing the exact amount you paid helps in verifying and processing the refund.

  • Subscription Type: Please specify which subscription or service you purchased. This information helps us understand what you're seeking a refund for.

  • Payment Date: Indicating when the payment was made allows us to confirm it falls within the 14-day refund period.

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