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To get an overview of all your Hoppers (bots that are connected to your (paper) exchanges), go to the top in your menu at the left. It says “Your Hoppers” and click it, or click “View all your Hoppers” in the case that you have multiple Hoppers.

This is the place where you create new Hoppers/Simulators, switch between or delete them.

This overview makes a difference between “real” Hoppers (Hoppers that are connected to an exchange), and simulators (connected to a paper exchange). For every subscription that you have, you can have one (automated) Hopper and one simulator. You can create and use as many Hoppers as you’d like, since the basic functionality is free with our Pioneer plan.

In the next sections, we’ll explain how you can Create New Hoppers/Simulators and how to Assign Subscriptions.

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