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Quicklinks and support insight

Hi there, hoppers!

When navigating to "Your hoppers" there is a secret quick-linking section built in by our developer in order for you to get around as fast as possible and to provide our support staff with quick insights

After you have navigated to "Your hoppers" click on the little cogwheel at the right top of your hopper, a little dashboard will appear noting some quick linking and some support-insigts.

  • Dashboard (allowing you to quickly navigate to the dashboard of that hopper)
  • Trade history (allowing you to quickly navigate to the Trade history of the hopper)
  • Stats (allowing you to quickly navigate to the statistics page)
  • Config (allowing you to quickly navigate to the configuration page)
  • Hopper ID  (Showing you your hopper ID, always give this to the support staff when you have multiple hoppers)
  • Save as Template (allowing you to save the hopper as a template for trigger use (ADVANCED)
  • Set as Default (allowing you to quickly set this hopper as the default one)
  • Delete (allowing you to Delete your hopper)

Happy Hopping!

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