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Why do I see error -2015 on Binance?
Why do I see error -2015 on Binance?

Seeing error -2015 on Binance? It suggests an issue with API Key settings. Refer to our guide on connecting to Binance.

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If your trading bot output shows the error message -2015 on Binance, it indicates that you have configured your API Keys incorrectly. You can easily fix this by referring to our Documentation article 'How to connect to Binance.'

Example of error message -2015 on Binance:

04/09/2024 5:47:34 AM INFO There seem to be some issues with the authentication servers of Binance or with your API keys.

04/09/2024 5:47:34 AM ERROR Binance error. Code: -2015 Message: Invalid API-key, IP, or permissions for action.

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