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Why do I see 'EGeneral:Permission denied' on Kraken?
Why do I see 'EGeneral:Permission denied' on Kraken?

Seeing 'EGeneral:Permission denied' on Kraken? Check your API Key settings and ensure correct permissions are enabled.

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When you see the error 'EGeneral:Permission denied' in your Kraken trading bot, it means you haven't set the correct API Key permissions yet.

Make sure you always check the appropriate boxes and have the correct toggles enabled as shown in the screenshot below. Click here for the full step-by-step explanation on how to connect to Kraken with API Keys.

Kraken API Key settings Cryptohopper trading bot

Example error message you see in the trading bot output:

04/22/2024 1:08:09 PM INFO Kraken error: ["EGeneral:Permission denied"]

04/22/2024 1:08:09 PM ERROR Oops! It seems like Kraken returned an empty balance, do you have funds in your trading wallet? Don't worry; we'll try getting your trading funds from Kraken again in a minute!

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