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How can I cancel my subscription?
How can I cancel my subscription?

Cancel your Cryptohopper subscription by stopping recurring payments in your payment account. Need help? Contact us.

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Are you looking to cancel your Cryptohopper subscription? See the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Check for Recurring Payments

First, there's no need to take any action directly on the Cryptohopper website to cancel your subscription. However, it's crucial to check if there's a recurring payment set up. You can do this by reviewing your accounts associated with the payment method you've used, such as your PayPal account, credit card account, Bitpay account, bank account, etc.

Step 2: Cancel Recurring Payments

If you discover there is a recurring payment set up, the next step is to cancel it. Do that in the account of the payment method you used. For example, you paid with Paypal you need to cancel the recurring payment in your Paypal account. Failing to cancel this recurring payment means that a fee for the subscription will be automatically deducted next month or year.

Step 3: Contact Cryptohopper (Optional)

Should you need assistance with the cancellation process, Cryptohopper is here to help. You can reach out to us via chat or email for support. To streamline the process, please be ready to provide your username, the payment method used, the email address linked to your payment method, and the specific subscription or subscriptions you wish to cancel.

Free trial

When you only used the free trial you don't have to cancel your recurring payment, because there's no recurring payment set up. There's only a recurring payment set up when you have entered your payment details with is. When using the free trial you don't need to fill in your payment details.

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