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Backtest history

Hi there, Hoppers!

In your backtesting history a brief overview will be shown of the historical backtesting you have done and the produced results at that time.

You will see a table showing you an overview of the backtests done and listing a couple more things such as :


Which exchange was used.


Which coin has been backtested in your base currency.


The amount of profit made.

Candle size

The size candles used.


If used a stop-loss.

trailing stop-loss

If used a stop-loss.

trailing stop-buy

If used a stop-loss.

successful sells

How many successful sells made with that config.


sells with loss

How many sells with lost were made with the config.

average holding time

The average coin holding time using the backtested config.


The date at which it has been backtested.


Deploy the config (this will create a config pool specific for that coin).

Test again

Re-run the backtest.


Share the results.

Happy Hopping!

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