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Why do I see could not get balances?
Why do I see could not get balances?

Encounter 'Could not get balances'? Check your API settings or if it's a transient error from the exchange.

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In the event that you get the error 'Could not get balances', ask yourself two things.

1. How many times am I getting this error?

2. Is the error due to something I changed?

This error generally hints to an API error, in which case the trading bot has lost it's link to the API service of the crypto exchange and it produces this error as a result.

Should the error only appear sporadically it's no issue to worry about, if however, it appears every 20 seconds, please double check your API key, whether you've got your funds on the trading wallet of your crypto exchange, or whether your API Keys get overwritten by your browser's 'auto-fill' settings or anti-virus program.

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