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How to Troubleshoot API connection issues for cryptocurrency exchanges?
How to Troubleshoot API connection issues for cryptocurrency exchanges?

Resolve API connection issues with your crypto exchange using our troubleshooting tips on Cryptohopper.

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If you're encountering issues while connecting your crypto exchange, there are several places to look to identify the problem.

  • Always start by checking the trading bot output. This often provides an error message indicating what exactly is wrong.

  • Some crypto exchanges offer multiple wallet types. Always ensure you have funds available in the trading wallet. This is particularly relevant for crypto exchanges like KuCoin.

  • Have you followed the steps outlined in our tutorials 'How to connect to your exchange'?

  • Have you confirmed the API Keys via email or 2FA? This step is sometimes overlooked.

  • Are you using auto-fill in your browser (often a problem with Safari), password managers, or auto-fill from your antivirus program? Disable these for Read more here about how to disable auto-fill in your browser.

If you're still unable to connect to your crypto exchange with API Keys, please contact Cryptohopper support via the chat function in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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