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What does Cryptohopper cost?

Hi there, Hoppers!

Cryptohopper is currently using the following packages!

  • Explorer (19USD/Hopper/Month)

Realtime 24/7 cloud trading bot

80 positions

Max 15 selected coins

Max 2 triggers

Buying with 10 minutes interval

  • Adventure (49USD/Hopper/Month)

Realtime 24/7 cloud trading bot

200 positions

Max 50 selected coins

Max 5 triggers

Buying with 5 minutes interval

  • Hopper (99USD/Hopper/Month)

Realtime 24/7 cloud trading bot

500 positions

Max 75 selected coins

All coins for signals

Max 10 triggers


Buying with 2 minutes interval

Happy Hopping!

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