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Troubleshooting your trading bot


The first thing to check is your subscription. Do you have a subscription? If not, you need to buy a subscription. If you have a subscription, make sure it’s attached to the right bot.

Important: you can use 1 bot template with real funds per subscription.



If you don’t have a paid subscription, you can still trade manually.

Enable your bot

Check if your bot is enabled. You can find this on your Dashboard.


The first toggle

Shows if your bot is enabled or not. When your bot is disabled, no information will be received from the exchange or will be sent to your exchange. Meaning your bot is not working, because no information can be retrieved from your exchange.

The second toggle

Shows if buying is enabled or not. If enabled, your bot automatically buys based on your Baseconfig, Config Pools, Signalers, or Triggers. If disabled, no trades will open. Important: Triggers can turn off buying.

The third toggle

Shows if selling is enabled or not. If enabled, your bot automatically sells based on your Base Config, Config Pools, Signalers, or Triggers. If disabled, no positions will be sold.

API Keys


Check your API Keys. The next thing that you could check is the API Keys. We have documentation on how to connect your bot to your exchange. We recommend you follow the tutorial for your exchange. Every exchange has a different setup so it’s important to check out the correct tutorial. If you don't see errors regarding your API Keys in the Output your bot is connected to your exchange. If you do see error messages, check what you have done incorrectly.


Check your funds. You can check your funds on 2 different spots.

Total assets on exchange


You find all your funds that have trading pairs with your quote currency. The amount can be lower than what you see on your exchange. Some exchanges have main wallets and trading wallets, make sure that your funds are shown in your trading wallet.

Current assets

This is found further below on your Dashboard. It shows all the assets you have on your exchange.


Important: you need your quote currency, to be able to trade automatically. The goal of your bot is to increase your assets in your quote currency.


Check the Output. The bot will follow your configuration. See the example below. The bot has reached its maximum number of open positions so it’s not opening a new position.


Another example can be found below. The bot has reached the maximum allocated amount that is allowed to invest.


Select a period in the Output from which you want to get more information. The maximum number of entries is 500. Select a shorter time frame if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Do you need additional help with an error message? Please let us know by chatting with us or sending an email to

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