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Paper Trading
Paper Trading

Practice trading strategies risk-free with Cryptohopper's paper trading feature, perfect for testing strategies before implementing them with real funds.

How do Paper Trading accounts work?Learn how Paper Trading accounts mimic real exchanges and manage multiple accounts on Cryptohopper.
Does Cryptohopper offer Paper Trading subscriptions?Cryptohopper includes 1 Paper Trading bot with each paid subscription, allowing 2 bots per subscription.
How can I obtain more Paper Trading accounts?Obtain additional Paper Trading accounts on Cryptohopper by navigating to 'Manage accounts' in settings.
Why isn't my Paper Trading bot doing anything?Resolve issues with inactive Paper Trading bots on Cryptohopper using troubleshooting and support.
Can I fully simulate trading as I would on my cryptocurrency exchanges with real funds?Simulate real crypto trading with Cryptohopper's Paper Trading, using real-time prices and 75 cryptocurrencies.
Where can I see my deposits and withdrawals from my Paper Trading account?View your Paper Trading account's deposits and withdrawals via the Dashboard on Cryptohopper.
How can I change Paper Trading accounts in my trading bot?Switch Paper Trading accounts in your bot via the 'Exchange' tab in Base config on Cryptohopper.
How many Paper Trading bots can I use?Each Cryptohopper subscription allows 1 real money bot and 1 Paper Trading bot, with specific rules for other types.
Are there differences between trading with Paper Trading and real funds?Understand key differences between Paper Trading and real funds trading, including TA scan frequency and trade volume.
Where can I withdraw or deposit Paper Trading funds?Manage your Paper Trading funds via deposits and withdrawals on the Dashboard or Advanced Dashboard.
How can I reset my Paper Trading balance?Reset your Paper Trading balance via the Dashboard or Advanced Dashboard to restart trading simulations.
How are profits calculated in my Paper Trading bot?Profits in Paper Trading bots are calculated similarly to real money trading bots. See our detailed guide.