Hi there, Hoppers!

Triggers can do many things for your hopper and allow you to be extra dynamic in your trading!

They have the following features when setting up one:

Name | Give the trigger a name

Enabled | Enable or Disable the Trigger


Select Exchange | Select the exchange for which the trigger is active .

Select Market | Select the market I.E Trading pair for example BTC-USD.

Select Candle Size | The candlesize your trigger needs to look at.

Select Indicator(s) | Which Technical Indicators your trigger needs to look at


Load Template | Load a Hopper Template of your choice.

Set Buying Status | Enable or Disable the buying status.

Set Selling Status | Enable or Disable the selling status.

Hold Positions | Will enable hold positions (hopper won't sell if they are held).

Unhold Positions | Will disable hold positions allowing the hopper to sell them again.

Set Take Profit | Alter your take profit percentage (doesn't work if you have "Use Trailing Stop Loss only" enabled.

Buy | Buy a coin.

Sell | Sell a coin.

Open Short | Open a short for a coin (You need to have that coin in order to open a short).

Close Short | Close the short, buy back the asset (you need to have a open short in order to close it).

Sell Everything | Panic sell (not recommended as it also Disables the hopper, use normal sell for all your coins instead).

Send E-mail | Send an e-mail.

Cooldown period | Select how long there needs to be an interval before the trigger can trigger again.

Goodluck building your triggers!

Happy Hopping!