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Summary open positions

Hi there, Hoppers!

When navigating to your dashboard, the first thing you see is the summary of your open positions, this lists a brief overview of everything the hopper has, currently, the result and age.

  1. Cost - The cost of your positions combined, Remember that this is the amount paid for, not the current worth of your positions
  2. Result - The result of your current trades, Remember that this is an average and doesn't reflect the result of all the trading the hopper has done in total.
  3. Age - The age of your positions, Remember that this is an average age and doesn't reflect the exact date per coin.
  4. Positions - The amount of positions you currently have in your hopper.

There are several buttons on the top right corner of your summary, a manual refresh button, a minimize button and a delete button.

Remember that you can always recover your removed widgets by clicking on the little eye Icon in the top right corner of your dashboard, this will allow you to add and remove widgets.

Happy Hopping!

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