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Can I connect multiple trading bots to the same exchange account?
Can I connect multiple trading bots to the same exchange account?

Efficiently manage multiple trading bots on one exchange account or use sub-accounts for versatility.

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It is possible to link multiple trading bots to the same crypto exchange account. There are two different situations and things to consider.


Most crypto exchanges offer sub-accounts. This is an ideal way to manage multiple portfolios or different trading strategies. Check if your crypto exchange offers sub-accounts and how you can make use of them. Always ensure that your funds are in the correct sub-account and that you have set up the API Keys for that sub-account. Every sub account will be a different trading bot. When trading automatically, you will need a trading bot subscription for every sub account.

Same exchange account

Another option is to let two trading bots trade on the same exchange account. This has several disadvantages compared to sub-accounts and also several things to consider:

  • Always make sure that in both trading bots, the 'Auto-sync' function is turned off under the 'Current assets' tab on your Dashboard or Advanced Dashboard. Otherwise, you will see positions in one trading bot while they are opened in the other trading bot.

  • Both trading bots use the same funds from the quote currency to trade with. It is possible that one trading bot uses all the funds and the other trading bot does not open any positions. Because the trading bot buys amounts based on the allocated amount of the quote currency, there is no easy way to prevent this problem. You may consider setting a maximum number of positions per trading bot.

The best practice is to use sub-accounts as mentioned at the beginning of this article.

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