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Setting up your Kraken account

Hi there, Hoppers!


Thanks for creating an account at But now what?


Your hopper is designed to trade on your behalf on an exchange of your choice. Currently, it’s possible to choose between and among other exchanges. This is where you’ll deposit your funds and where your Hopper will be active.


In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to create an account at kraken. We’ll show how to deposit funds and how to give your Hopper the API keys, so it can trade on your behalf.


Ready? Let’s go.


Creating an account at
First, we’re going to create an account at
Once you have signed up, you’ll receive an email with an activation link. Click the link and your account will be activated. Yes! You finally have a Kraken account! That was easy right? Now let’s proceed.



Verifying yourself
You have to verify yourself to prevent money laundering.
Go to "Get Verified". You will need an "tier 2" account, to be able to deposit fiat currencies (Euro's, Dollars, Yen's etc).
On the bottom of that page, there’s an easy step-by-step explanation how to fill in al the requirements.
Once you’ve filled in everything, depending on which tier you want to be verified, you can be verified instantly or for tier 3 or higher it can take a couple of day.


(With french accent) A few seconds later.


Yes! You have been verified! Let’s proceed and deposit some funds.


Funding your account
Go to funding and click on the desired currency to deposit.
In this tutorial, we’ll go for euro.


Deposit method
Choose your deposit method. If you live in Europe, SEPA is the best method.
Kraken will show on what bank account you have to deposit, and what important is to fill in.
Make sure you add the reference, so Kraken knows it has to deposit to your account.
The deposit normally takes 1 working day.
In the meantime, you can give your hopper the needed API keys and configure it. When your funds arrive, your Hopper will immediately start hopping.


API keys
Go to settings -> API -> click generate new key. We advise to generate 2 keys. This is to prevent errors, due to Kraken’s API.


Make sure you give the right permissions.

Right above this, is the field "nonce window". Fill in: 1000000
This is for HTTP network inconsistencies.

Get to the (C)hopper!
You will have to copy your public & private key to your Hopper. Go to your dashboard at -> click config.
Fill in your 2 API keys.




You’re done! Once your funds arrive, your Hopper starts trading.


If you have any questions left, ask it on our forum. Go to your dashboard and click Forum in the side menu.



Happy Hopping!

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