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Setting up your Poloniex account

Hi there Hoppers!


In this tutorial we explain how you set up your Hopper and Poloniex account.
Your Hopper will trade on your behalf on your Poloniex account, where your Bitcoins are stored. 

Create an account at
First, we're going to create your Poloniex account. Go to

After registration, you will have to verify your account. This is to prevent money laundering.



On Poloniex, your Hopper will trade with Bitcoins. The main goal on Poloniex is to collect more Bitcoins.
Go to Balances - > Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposit Bitcoin
Search for Bitcoin and click Deposit. You will see your Bitcoin Deposit address. Send your Bitcoins to this address.
Double check that you've selected Bitcoin and the addres you are sending your Bitcoins to.

Don't have any Bitcoins? Buy them here.

To trade on your behalf, we need permission from you. Therefore, we need an API key.

Go to the "Setting" dropdown menu -> click API Keys

Click "Generate New Key"

We will need your API key and your secret key.

When you create your API key, you can choose if you want us to only be able to trade or also to withdraw.
With withdraw checked, it’s easier for you to send your profits directly from your account to your private Bitcoin wallet.


Configure your Hopper

Go to your dashboard at Click Config
You can fill in your API key and secret key at the bottom and make sure to click save.



Yes! That’s it! Your hopper is ready to trade! Have you already got Bitcoins on your Poloniex account to trade with?

If not, check our tutorials page for information about buying Bitcoins.

For more information about the best hopper settings, check our tutorials.



Happy Hopping!



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